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Jewelry was appreciated at all times, they talked about the wealth and authority of their owners. In the modern world, this role has gone to functional fashionable gadgets. Therefore, we have combined the eternal and the trend, linked jewelry and constructive. So VipStatus appeared - the transformation of personal gadgets into a work with a one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

Designers, engineers and jewelers are working on the creation of each VipStatus model. They are coated with precious metals, encrusted with precious stones, covered with leather and / or rare woods - so that the combination of noble and valuable materials becomes one. A masterpiece that gives aesthetic, tactile and emotional pleasure to its owner.

The exclusive design at VipStatus is akin to alchemy. We are also passionate about the beauty and secrets of precious substances, but instead of a philosopher's stone, we have our sense of beauty and many years of experience working with jewelry. Each model in our collection has unique physical and aesthetic properties. But if you want to realize your own imagination, we will carry out the personal design of your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone, tablet, electronic watch.

VipStatus Company History

In the famous film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", where Marilyn Monroe sings that diamonds are girls' best friends, in the chorus she lists the names of legendary jewelry brands: ... Tiffany's ... Cartier ... And then adds: “Richard Goldman will tell me everything about them! "Who is this mysterious Richard and why at different times were diamonds associated with his name?

Richard Goldman was born into a poor family in Woolwich, a working area of ​​London. From an early age, the boy was interested in metals and minerals, especially stones. At 12, he went into a pawnshop and recognized a two-carat emerald behind a 25-cent stone.

At 24, Richard opened his own workshop. At that time, the only thing he could afford was to buy family jewels from small English aristocrats at auctions. These were mostly old-fashioned jewelry that the rich no longer wished to wear. Richard took precious stones out of them, smelted the metals and put them together in a completely new design.

In 1847, at the age of 33, Richard Goldman became the master of his teacher’s workshop in the West End. Under his leadership, the workshop grew, and in 1853 began to produce jewelry for private clients, including the very titled ones. In 1859, the workshop moved to 42 Old Bond street, in the heart of fashionable London.

From then until today, Richard Goldman is known as the one of a kind master innovator who sought to create jewelry fashion on his own, and not to follow it. He possessed the gift to feel new trends, invented several unique combinations for his jewelry. To enhance the sparkling of diamonds, he used the finest platinum threads.

Prince of Wales, the future king Edward VII, admired by the art of Goldman, once called him "the king of jewelers, the jeweler of kings!" Thus began the responsible service of Richard as a royal jeweler. In addition to caring for the main symbol of the British monarchy - the crown, which is stored in the royal treasury in the Tower, his duties included the selection and manufacture of jewelry for special occasions

Many of the treasures that are today stored in the English royal treasury are created by the “golden” hands of Goldman. For example, a white gold ring with a huge sapphire adorned with 18 diamonds, which after many years was chosen for the engagement of Princess Diana. And the current Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, regularly puts on stunning jewelry from the royal treasury. After all, Prince William made an offer to Kate, handing her a mother ring in white gold, decorated with a 12-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. Following the royal tradition, the duchess's engagement ring was made of Welsh yellow gold, the deposits of which belong to the royal family.

But, unfortunately, royal traditions are very conservative. And the creative genius of the jeweler demanded implementation, which he could not give free rein, creating masterpieces for princesses and dukes. But the children and grandchildren of Goldman, who inherited his talent and sense of beauty and also became brilliant jewelers, continued his work and breathed into him the style of the new time.

The VipStatus brand was born in the Goldman workshop. From antique jewelry to contemporary works of art, Goldman's craftsmanship is considered the benchmark of English jewelry. The name of the creator of the great dynasty of masters has crossed centuries, not at all losing the splendor of his fame. It is traditions, a centuries-old commitment to quality and uniqueness, that have been and remain the indisputable advantages of royal jewelry. At the same time, Aurum Edition, as the brainchild of the 21st century, combines the traditions of jewelry quality and a modern, trendy, sometimes a little daring, but always impeccably stylish design.

New collections without a doubt, like everything that creates the house of Goldman, will go down in jewelry history. You can become the owner of a unique work created according to the royal canons in the spirit of today.


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