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Elite Lifecell Rooms

Order Lifecell gold number in Vipstatus. In the catalog you can choose thieves and beautiful VIP numbers Life. You can buy and find out the prices of platinum, silver Life numbers to order on our website

At first glance, it may seem that the subscriber ID in the network is a detail that you should not pay any attention to, taking it for granted. But in fact, beautiful Life VIP numbers can tell about the status and high position of their owners in society. In addition, according to the results of marketing research, a bright and memorable combination of numbers allows you to increase the number of hits and, consequently, the level of sales up to 25-30%.

How to choose a beautiful Life number

Lifecell (formerly "Life:)") is one of the three largest mobile operators in Ukraine. As of the end of 2019, the total number of subscribers exceeded the 10 million mark. By betting on innovation, the company became a pioneer in the wireless Internet access market, launching high-speed 3G and then 4G LTE Internet much ahead of its Big Three competitors. At the same time, it should be noted that users can choose one of several dozen ready-made offers, or “collect” the tariff on their own, connecting only the necessary services.

A little earlier, the search for an exclusive subscriber ID sequence was like a lottery. However, today, you can purchase a "thieves" number without any problems even from the official website of the company. Silver, gold and platinum combinations of numbers are another matter: it is quite difficult to find them, even despite the large number of offers on various marketplaces on the network. After all, not every seller can guarantee that the purchased SIM card will be efficient. And considering how much such a luxury costs, it is worth ordering it only from a trusted company that has earned the loyalty of customers of the appropriate level.

What are the lifecell gold numbers to order

Depending on the number of repeated digits, Lifecell numbers can be divided into:

Silver, with four repeating numbers in various combinations;

Golden, with 4 or more repeated numbers in one sequence;

Platinum, consisting of 4 identical numbers at the beginning and 3 at the end;

Diamond having from 6 to 8 identical numbers, incl. - rare and expensive "millionaires".

In addition, based on the sequence of location, they can be:

Mathematical, memorable thanks to simple arithmetic operations (for example, +38063-002-1-001);

Sequential, with the combination of several numbers by the original combination with a different number at the end;

Mirrored, reflected on both sides through one digit (for example, +38093-321-0-123).

At the same time, it should be noted that almost all gold, platinum and diamond starter packages were purchased almost from the very beginning. However, VIPStatus guarantees that in our catalog you will find exactly what you were looking for!

Why you need a Lifecell VIP number

Memorable “thieves” Life number:

Allows you to stand out from the faceless crowd;

Create the right impression of yourself;

Talk about the high status of a person;

Simplify contacts with potential partners;

Increase your business sales.

At the same time, it is worth noting that a bright and memorable combination of numbers will fit into any business card, and will also evoke persistent associations with the success of its owner.

Why is it worth ordering an elite Life room with us?

Firstly, all numbers from the catalog of our store are tested and fully functional. The VIPStatus team makes sure that SIM cards do not lose their functionality due to prolonged inactivity.

Secondly, gold and platinum Lifecell SIM cards can be bought with delivery from Kyiv in Ukraine, either directly at the office or by courier of our company in Nikolaev.

Third, if you need more information, you can get it:

By phone;

Social networks (Instagram, Facebook);

Through messengers;

At the VIPStatus office.

We are glad to everyone and are ready to answer all questions on choosing a good mobile number in any convenient format!

Elite Lifecell Rooms – most popular questions:
⚡ What types of rooms are presented on the site?
The site presents: ✓ gold, ✓ silver, ✓ platinum, ✓ diamond numbers.
⚡ What is the price range of Lifecell numbers?
The price range for Lifecell numbers is from UAH 5,700 to UAH 327,750.
⚡ What payment methods are available in the online store?
The goods can be paid by card, online payment or immediately upon receipt.

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