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Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro MAX GOLD

Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max gold from Vipstatus. The Vipstatus website presents exclusive iPhone 13 Promax models in gold. You can find the price on the website

Most successful entrepreneurs, executives, and billionaires consider serial phones to be too "ordinary." And they continue to walk, albeit with expensive, but long and hopelessly outdated gadgets, inferior in functionality even to early models of “apple” smartphones.

Moreover, many do not realize that jewelers produce exclusive modifications of the iPhone 13 Gold, made exclusively by hand, from pure gold of the highest standard, inlaid with precious stones, trimmed with expensive exotic leather and elite wood.

Exclusive and chic iPhone 13 Gold

To make a truly elite iPhone ProMax golden, the masters of the VipStatus studio use:

  1. Platinum, gold, silver of the highest standard;
  2. Natural crocodile, snake, ostrich skin;
  3. High-strength carbon, rare species of elite wood;
  4. Precious stones, crystals.

The skin of a crocodile, alligator or snake has a unique texture, so each phone finished with these materials can be considered truly unique. Special dyeing technologies allow you to give it an exclusive color. For example, red with gold looks really luxurious.

Engraving of gold inserts is carried out according to classical technology, without lasers and computer machines, exclusively by hand. Some models are encrusted with a large number of precious stones and crystals, tightly fixed in the body of the device.

Elite iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold on our website

Each iPhone 13 Pro Max Plus Luxury Vip from VipStatus remains the same iPhone, retaining all the advantages of the "apple" flagship:

  • high-performance microprocessor;
  • powerful graphics chip;
  • large amount of internal memory;
  • rich AMOLED display with a high refresh rate;
  • triple camera module that allows you to take photos and shoot videos of a professional level.

The changes made by our craftsmen affect only the visual part: we rethink the design, use high-quality, premium materials and provide additional protection against damage when dropped.

In addition, our designers are developing a new, truly exclusive package made of elite wood with gold inserts and individual engraving: you can buy such a phone both for yourself and as a gift for a serious person.

Why is it worth ordering a golden iPhone 13 Pro from VipStatus?

Firstly, our designers are rethinking the approach to the design of the phone, turning it from a functional gadget into an accessory that can demonstrate the high status of a person in society as well as expensive Swiss chronometers.

Secondly, all devices from the catalog are assembled exclusively by hand and presented in a single copy, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

Thirdly, each client of our studio can count on:

  1. Personal service;
  2. Assistance with creating a phone according to the preferences of its future owner;
  3. Lifetime operational warranty for the device;
  4. Sending an order to any country in the world by a selected postal, courier service;
  5. Pickup from the office or delivery by courier in Kyiv or Nikolaev;
  6. Possibility of payment in any convenient way.

And our managers are ready to answer all your questions by phone, via chat or the "Feedback" form on the website, in mobile messengers and social networks, as well as directly at the VipStatus office in Kyiv!

Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro MAX GOLD – most popular questions:
⚡ How is engraving done on phones?
Engraving on our phones is performed exclusively by hand, without lasers or machines.
⚡ What payment methods are available in the online store?
The goods can be paid by online payment, card or upon receipt.
⚡ How is the delivery?
We deliver goods throughout Ukraine.

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