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VipStatus Company


Jewelry was appreciated at all times, they talked about the wealth and authority of their owners. In the modern world, this role has gone to functional fashionable gadgets. Therefore, we have combined the eternal and the trend, linked jewelry and constructive. So VipStatus appeared - the transformation of personal gadgets into a work with a one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

Designers, engineers and jewelers are working on the creation of each VipStatus model. They are coated with precious metals, encrusted with precious stones, covered with leather and / or rare woods - so that the combination of noble and valuable materials becomes one. A masterpiece that gives aesthetic, tactile and emotional pleasure to its owner.

The exclusive design at VipStatus is akin to alchemy. We are also passionate about the beauty and secrets of precious substances, but instead of a philosopher's stone, we have our sense of beauty and many years of experience working with jewelry. Each model in our collection has unique physical and aesthetic properties. But if you want to realize your own imagination, we will carry out the personal design of your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone, tablet, electronic watch.

VipStatus Company

One fine day, you were faced with the choice of buying a really cool device. Hundreds of advertisements on the Internet and on the street sang and shouted inexorably about high-tech Microsoft, Lenovo or, God forbid, Meizu. But you are not a mistake and you know who the real leader is in your field. Businessmen have iPhones, stars have iPhones, directors have Samsung.

Without thinking or guessing for a long time, you decided and bought an iPhone or Samsung. And, of course, we have more than once been convinced of how correct your choice was, how cool your gadget is and how infinitely satisfied you are.

The first months you really were the happy owner of such a unique device, but time was running out, and you began to notice that hundreds of other satisfied boys and girls, businessmen and glamorous socialites have the same smartphones. You said to yourself “No! Not! This is the only thing I have! Am I really one of many ?! " At every stop, in every cafe, in the subway and just on the street, every fifth person has such a beloved iPhone or Samsung in their hands. The feeling of self-sufficiency, pride in your smartphone gradually began to leave you. You just became an ordinary user of a non-ordinary device.

But! It has already been said that you are not a mistake. And just for you! Just two words - VipStatus. This is exactly what you need. This is what will change your smartphone beyond recognition, turning it into a real work of art!

What exactly is going on? Why don't you recognize your usual telephone number, and when you see it, you won't take your eyes off? Starting from the constriction of leather and ending with the decoration with precious stones. This is far from an ordinary case that everyone also has. This is a pleasure that only a few can afford, including you!

If we talk about the skin, then its options are available such as crocodile, python and monitor lizard skin. Agree, it's a pretty decent option to have a phone with, say, crocodile skin. The phone can be plated with yellow gold, platinum and rhodium, and the fair half of the population will like rose gold. Do you want your device to sparkle and shine? No problem. At your service are Swarovski crystals or even precious stones, diamonds!

Only original materials and consistently high VipStatus quality! Thanks to a wide range of material choices, we will easily find the ideal option for you!


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