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Exclusive iPhone 11 Pro

Order an elite iPhone 11 Pro in gold with diamonds from Vipstatus. Our catalog contains exclusive limited edition iPhone 11 Pro smartphones with worldwide delivery

In 2007, the legendary Steve Jobs introduced the world to a "breakthrough" device that changed the mobile device market forever. The device turned out to be so successful that Apple became the market leader, and other companies began to imitate their "apple" competitor, but could not get close to iPhones. And even 10 years later, smartphones with an apple on the back remain the best. At the same time, the only "omission" of the guys from Cupertino is the lack of an exclusive line of phones for rich, wealthy people who want to stand out against the background of a gray, faceless crowd.

Fortunately, jewelers realized that the demand for elite devices has not disappeared, but rather, on the contrary, it has grown tenfold. And they began to offer their own “modifications” to the attention of the target audience. In particular, we are talking about the current flagship of the line - the golden iPhone 11 PRO, made from premium natural materials.

Respectability, status and luxury - this is the golden iPhone 11 Pro

Modification of the iPhone Gold Edition implies the use of gold of the highest standard. In addition to it, in the manufacture of devices used:

  1. Platinum;
  2. Rhinestones;
  3. diamonds;
  4. Crocodile, python skin;
  5. Certified superalloys;
  6. Rare species of varietal wood.

Particular attention is paid to the personalization of gadgets. Each series, created by a team of jewelers, is exclusive and limited. Therefore, the likelihood that you will meet a person with an identical iPhone 11 Pro model is minimal. In addition, the packaging deserves special respect. After all, instead of a standard cardboard box, the products are delivered in beautiful wooden cases.

Elite phones iPhone 11 Pro on our website

Taking serial "apple" smartphones of the flagship line as a basis, the team of designers, engineers and jewelers of VIPStatus turns them into masterpieces of art. At the same time, it is worth noting that “tuning” refers exclusively to the “appearance” of the device, while the internal stuffing and software remain untouched. After all, why break something that is already perfect?

The site presents smartphones of a limited collection in any trim levels, with the required amount of internal memory. In addition, we produce exclusive accessories for the entire line of apple technology: covers, protective cases, straps for smart watches, etc. Each product is unique, because. created manually. The absence of automation guarantees the quality of the finished product: before going on sale, each product undergoes a series of checks to ensure its reliability.

Why is it worth ordering an exclusive iPhone 11 from us?

Unlike its closest competitors, VIPStatus offers:

  • Personal service;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Certificates of exclusivity;
  • Fast delivery to any country in the world;
  • Honest, transparent pricing policy;
  • Possibility of payment in any way.

In addition, our managers are ready to answer all the client’s questions in a format convenient for him: by email, in public social networks or mobile messengers, by phone or in one of the Ukrainian VIPStatus offices.

Exclusive iPhone 11 Pro – most popular questions:
⚡ How do your iPhones differ from standard ones?
Our iPhones differ only in design. The software and the rest of the internal "stuffing" remains the same as in the original iPhones. We are engaged only in the design of the device.
⚡ What is the price range for iPhone 11 Pro?
The price range for iPhone 11 Pro models on our website is from UAH 82,650 to UAH 213,750.
⚡ What determines the cost of a phone model?
The cost of the model depends solely on the materials used for the design.

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