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Huawei Exclusive Phone

Order an elite Huawei phone from Vipstatus. The coolest Huawei phone in a gold case from Vipstatus. Exclusive models of Huawei phones - prices can be found on the website

The Chinese brand Huawei produces dozens of phones in various segments: from budget "people's" smartphones to flagships that can compete with other "giants" of the mobile technology market. But in the manufacturer's line of devices there is a huge gap in the form of a complete absence of elite, exclusive models.

We know for sure that among the powerful of this world there are many fans of this company who would love to buy Huawei Gold, but cannot afford to use an “ordinary” serial device due to their status in society. And they decided to correct this oversight by offering exclusive models of Huawei phones, "tuned" with expensive premium materials.

Cool Huawei phone in gold

Exclusive Huawei phones from the VipStatus studio are made of pure 18-carat gold: the weight of the back panel is 330 grams. The special shape of the case completely wraps around the back cover, making it as comfortable as possible in the hand.

The panel is encrusted with VVS1 diamonds: 23 4 mm stones weighing 7.2 K, as well as 140 1.3 mm stones weighing 1.2 carats. At the same time, engraving stretches over the entire surface of the phone - the result of 240 hours of manual work by the master.

The “highlight” of the golden Huawei is a custom watch with an ETA self-winding mechanism, a special winding key, as well as a dot engraving using the Bulino technique, fixed in a hole in a protective case made of genuine ostrich leather.

Elite Huawei Gold in Vipstatus catalog

The coolest Huawei phone is worth the money because it comes in a single copy. This is where the prefix "limited edition" is truly justified. At the same time, it should be noted that if you generally liked this device, but would like to make some changes, contact the manager of our store: the VipStatus team will do everything so that you get a phone that matches your ideas of exclusivity and luxury.

Inside, however, it remains the same “flagship” smartphone equipped with a powerful processor, a high-performance graphics chip, a bright and rich display with a high refresh rate, a large amount of internal memory, and a professional five-lens camera from the legendary manufacturer LEICA.

Why is the exclusive Huawei Gold smartphone worth ordering from us?

Phones, "tuned" by the team of designers and jewelers of the VipStatus studio, turn from a tool for making calls or correspondence into an accessory that demonstrates a person's high status in society no worse than an expensive watch or a representative car.

At the same time, it is worth noting that each phone is assembled exclusively by hand, undergoes a series of strict checks, and also comes with a certificate confirming its exclusivity and uniqueness: you will not find another like it.

Over the years of active work in the field of manufacturing exclusive smartphones and smart gadgets, we have managed to earn the loyalty of hundreds of customers by offering:

  1. Personal service: each customer is assigned a personal manager who is ready to answer all questions at any time of the day;
  2. Improvements and modifications: if you see how you can improve a phone from the catalog, our designers will take into account all your wishes;
  3. Lifetime warranty: in the event of a breakdown, our masters will fix it, guaranteeing a full recovery;
  4. Delivery "Worldwide": pickup from offices in Kyiv and Nikolaev, sending across Ukraine or to any country in the world by postal, courier services;
  5. The ability to pay for the order in any convenient way: to a current account, with a card of any bank, through electronic or cryptocurrency wallets.

Need more information on the presented Huawei models or related studio services? Feel free to ask questions by phone, through the website (in a chat or through the "Feedback" form), in social networks and instant messengers. In addition, we will be glad to meet you personally and invite you to VipStatus offices in Nikolaev and Kyiv!

Huawei Exclusive Phone – most popular questions:
⚡ How can I pay for the goods?
The goods can be paid for with a card of any bank, through electronic wallets, a current account or in cash.
⚡ What techniques are used to design a smartphone?
We assemble the phone exclusively by hand, carry out checks and only then release the goods for sale. All engraving is done by hand.
⚡ How is the delivery?
We deliver goods throughout Ukraine.

Enter your phone number and we will contact you within 2 hours. If the application was sent outside business hours, we will call you back the next day.